Zombie Portraits: Ep 1 - (Digital Coloring Story)

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Is anyone there? The Nuvitta Municipal Network has been brought back online after 2 years of a zombie infestation. T.I.M, a Teachable Imagination Machine, seeks connection to a lone survivor in need of aid. During his rescue mission, he maps the location of zombie hordes, volatile mutations, and twisted traps of nightmares.

Join us on this Oh Hey Void Coloring Story and color 50 of the most detailed zombies you’ve ever seen.

Zombies of the Future?

What would it look like if Blade Runner, Alita, or Westworld had zombies?

We imagined a world where the zombies are a little smarter, a little faster, and
all the more terrifying.

In Episode #1 we wanted to showcase a world where an autonomous android named TIM seeks to aid a mysterious survivor named Rosie. Readers will explore the messages shared between them during Tim's 12-day journey through zombie-infested burrows to provide his support. As he travels he encounters different scenarios and leaves behind survival kits and warnings for any others watching their correspondence on the public Nuvitta network.


With this digital download you will recieve a .ZIP file (571.5MB) that includes the digital two-page layouts of the Zombie Portraits Episode 1 book;

  • Editable PDF w/ transparency layers designed to be opened in photoshop (best experience)
  • Reader Friendly PDF designed for reading & ability to be imported into softwares that allow.
  • Single Page PNGS A folder of transparent PNG's for compatibility with all art programs.


  • READ IT & ENJOY Enjoy the adventure and color in any digital program you choose. 
  • PRINT YOUR OWN Ability to print images for personal use on any cardstock you prefer.
  • SHARE ON SOCIALS Feel free to color these and share your results on social media. Special cool points if you tag us @ohheyvoid! 
  • PERSONAL USE ONLY This download allows you to use these images for your personal enjoyment. You are not licensed to resell or redistribute these images for any commercial reason.


When you download your file you'll have recieved 1 ZIP file with the following inside: 

  • READ-ONLY PDF - This is best for reading and experiencing the story. If you use clip-studio this file can also be imported as different pages. They will not be transparent, however.  (ZombiePortraits-1-Digital-Reader.pdf)
  • Editable PDF File - If you work in photoshop open this file. It will open up ALL the images in one file. Transparent and ready to use. (ZombiePortraits-1Digital-EditInPhotoshop.pdf)
  • Folder w/ Individual PNGs - To gaurantee you have the best experience we have also included the option to import/open single images into any program you choose. (Only Folder)

If this is your first time working with transparency images, you will need to add a layer of white under the transparency. We recommend doing your digital painting UNDER transparency. 


Because this digital version is designed for digital painters those looking to print on preferred cardstock will need to do a few extra steps. 

  • If printing these off you may want to crop out the images you prefer to print. These images are scaled to 2650x1663 (150dpi).
  • We recommend cropping from the black divider to the end of the image to garuntee an 8.5x11 size.
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This is the full digital download of our Coloring Story, Zombie Portraits (Episode 1).

Stress Release May Vary
Look, okay, this story isn't the most relaxing adventure, and the zombies might induce nightmares. But if you're a special kind of freak it might be the best pre-bedtime adventure to color.
Story pages designed to stand out.
The story pages are written in an epistolary format. Designed to stand out so that you can jump right to the zombie gore.
50 Unique Images
Visualized by our team and made possible using Artificial Intelligence our images elevate the adventure to something never seen before.
Make those coloring sessions fun
Adults can only color so many of the same unicorns and fairies. Enjoy your time exploring a world designed for an adult imagination.
Great Gift
for the Zombie enthusiast. Also looks great on coffee tables.
PDF Download
designed for digital reading & photoshop editing.
PNG Download
A folder of transparent PNG's for compatibility with all art programs.
Easily share on social media.
Print Your Own
Ability to print high-quality images for personal use on any cardstock you prefer.
545 MB

Zombie Portraits: Ep 1 - (Digital Coloring Story)

0 ratings
I want this!